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On November 13, 1947, a group of 30 local residents gathered to form the Orangeville Sportsmen's Club. Proudly, many of these original founders have descendants who are active members of the Club today. Following the initial founding of the Club, the constitution and bylaws were created on April 8, 1948. In September of that same year, the Club purchased the 176-acre farm of Clarence and Catherine Martz located on Savage Hill for $2,000. Three weeks later, the first share was issued to Marshal Unger and 200 shares were sold to raise funds for construction of the present clubhouse. Two trap houses were also built on the property during that time. The Club was noted during those early years for its trapshooting as well as a field trial area for bird dogs. Many economic ups and downs, skyrocketing costs, and periods of activity and inactivity followed those early years. In the early 1990s both older and younger members generated a resurgence of enthusiasm in bringing the Club out of a dormant period. Many dedicated members have volunteered countless hours of time and labor to bring and keep the grounds, activities, and organization thriving.


Today, the Club offers something for every outdoor enthusiast-- trap, muzzleloader, clay, card, archery, and groundhog shoots, as well as fishing and youth activities. At almost 460 members, the Club has grown considerably from its first years and continues to give back to its members and the surrounding community who helped to create and support a true Pennsylvania sportsmen's experience.

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Because of weather, Decemberís meeting was rescheduled to Wednesday, 12/17 at 7:00 PM at the club.

Memberships can be renewed at that time for those who would like to do so for the holidays. We apologize for any inconvenience that this reschedule may have caused.

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2014 Youth Field Day Letter and Application


2014 Groundhog Hunt Application


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2013 Club Newsletter


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